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"Just because you cannot justify your own IT department, doesn't mean you don't need one.  Over the past 5 years, our company has come to depend more and more on technology to help us communicate, organize and execute sales, inventory and service.  Computer Technologies has taken the time to understand our business and has proved to be a valuable partner, helping us through both complex systems problems and simple hardware issues.  They have an extremely friendly attitude and are always eager and there when we need them.  We consider them to be a valuable asset and essential to our success." 
                   Jeff Firestone President, Mid-Iowa Companies

"We had some very definite ideas about the look and functionality of our site when we approached Computer Technologies. They did a marvelous job of "hearing" what we wanted and then executing and enhancing the vision.  Great listeners.strong execution.  The site has been a winner for us and we've received favorable comments from visitors!"                          John M. Miksich President, Marketlink, Inc.

"Our fortitude toward innovative discovery within our own industry is exceeded only by Computer Technologies' fortitude of implementing innovative methods to assist us in achieving it."
              Stuart Mitchell, PhD, BCE, Springer Pest Solutions

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