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Computer Technologies is a Des Moines based company that was founded in 2000. We are located in Urbandale, IA and provide business only solutions for customers in the Des Moines and surrounding areas.

We strive to provide a total solution package for our clients which means we provide hardware setup and configuration, software installations and then follow up with legendary support. Just check out what our customers are saying.

We treat our customers (and usually are treated) like team members and not the typical customer/vendor type relationships. We strive to provide our clients with the best solution even though it may not be to our best financial gain. We are known for being "project people and out of the box" We lack that tunnel vision so common in todays industry.

We are proud of our relationships with our customers and really do look out for your best interest. So if you are tired of being treated like a number and would rather deal with someone that acts as if they were spending their own money when the provide you service, give us a call.

3305 70th Street
Urbandale, IA 50322
































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